• Committee: Ashington and Blyth Local Area Council
  • Date/Time: Wednesday 13/01/2021 at 18:00
  • Venue: Remote Meeting
  • Status: Confirmed
  • Access: This meeting is open to the public
  • Description: Please note that some Local Area Council meetings deal only with planning applications, whereas other Local Area Council meetings are divided into two parts.

    For the meetings that are divided into two, the first part deals with local planning applications. The second part deals with other local area council business. You may not wish to attend for the whole meeting. Please refer to the agenda letter for further details of timings.

Meeting Documents
Member Attendance
Campbell, Deirdre MemberNo
Cartie, Eileen MemberNo
Davey, James Grant MemberNo
Davey, Susan MemberNo
Gallacher, Brian Charles MemberNo
Gobin, John James MemberNo
Grimshaw, Lynne MemberNo
Lang, James Aidan Vice Chair (Planning)No
Nisbet, Kathleen MemberNo
Parry, Kenneth MemberNo
Purvis, Mark Andrew MemberNo
Reid, Jeffrey Stewart MemberNo
Rickerby, Lesley Jennifer MemberNo
Simpson, Elizabeth MVice ChairNo
Webb, Gordon ChairNo
Wilson, Thomas Sinclair MemberNo

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