• Committee: County Council (This is an historic committee)
  • Date/Time: Wednesday 25/02/2015 at 15:00
  • Venue: Council Chamber, County Hall
  •   County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF View Map
  • Status: Confirmed
  • Access: This meeting is open to the public
  • Description: n/a
Meeting Documents
Member Attendance
Arckless, George Robert MemberNo
Armstrong, Eileen MemberNo
Bawn, David Lee MemberNo
Bridgett, Steven Christopher MemberNo
Burt, Eileen MemberNo
Cairns, Kate Lydia MemberNo
Cairns, Lydia Heather MemberNo
Campbell, Deirdre MemberNo
Cartie, Eileen MemberNo
Castle, Gordon MemberNo
Cessford, Colin MemberNo
Dale, Patricia Anne Mary MemberNo
Daley, Wayne MemberNo
Davey, James Grant MemberNo
Davey, Susan MemberNo
Dickinson, Scott James Business ChairNo
Dodd, Richard Robert MemberNo
Douglas, Milburn Irvine MemberNo
Dungworth, Susan Elizabeth MemberNo
Fearon, Jean Barbara MemberNo
Flux, Barry Malcolm MemberNo
Foster, Julie Denise MemberNo
Gallacher, Brian MemberNo
Gibson, Rupert McLure MemberNo
Gobin, John James MemberNo
Graham, Kathy Olivia MemberNo
Grimshaw, Lynne MemberNo
Hepple, Allan MemberNo
Homer, Catherine MemberNo
Horncastle, Colin William MemberNo
Hunter, Elizabeth Isabel MemberNo
Hutchinson, James Ian MemberNo
Jackson, Peter Alan MemberNo
Johnstone, Terry MemberNo
Jones, Gavin William MemberNo
Jones, Veronica MemberNo
Kelly, Paul MemberNo
Lang, James Aidan MemberNo
Ledger, David MemberNo
Lindley, Ian Paul MemberNo
Murray, Anthony Harkness MemberNo
Nisbet, Kathleen MemberNo
Parry, Ken MemberNo
Pidcock, Bernard MemberNo
Pidcock, Laura MemberNo
Reid, Anthony William MemberNo
Reid, Jeffrey Stewart MemberNo
Richards, Margaret Evelyn MemberNo
Rickerby, Lesley Jennifer MemberNo
Riddle, John Robert MemberNo
Robson, Terry MemberNo
Sambrook, Alan George MemberNo
Sanderson, Hugh Glen Howard MemberNo
Sawyer, James MemberNo
Sharp, Alan MemberNo
Simpson, Elizabeth Mary MemberNo
Smith, James Edward MemberNo
Swithenbank, Ian Carr Fry MemberNo
Tebbutt, Andrew MemberNo
Thorne, Trevor Norman MemberNo
Tyler, Valerie MemberNo
Wallace, Alyson MemberNo
Watkin, Richard John Douglas MemberNo
Watson, Jeffrey George MemberNo
Webb, Gordon MemberNo
Wilson, Thomas Sinclair MemberNo
Woodman, John Crawford MemberNo

For assistance, please contact Democratic Services as follows:

Democratic Services,
Corporate Resources Directorate
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Telephone: 0345 600 6400