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  • Document: Declaration of Interests for Georgina Emma Rowley Hill
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  • Category: Declaration of Interests
  • Date: 11/05/2017
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History of Changes
  • 03/07/2017
    On 1 July 2017, Councillor Hill advised the Monitoring Officer that on 29 June 2017 she had been appointed by the County Council to be one of the Tweed commissioners.
  • 30/04/2018
    On 26 April 2018, Councillor Hill emailed Democratic Services asking for the following changes to be made to her declarations form: "1) I am no longer employed or have an interest in Canongate Communications. 2) I am no longer Secretary but remain a Committee member of the Tweedmouth Feast Crowning and Carnival Committee. 3) I am a member of the Berwick Regeneration Commission (other interest - 2b). 4) I am a member of the St Boisils Residents Association - 2c). 5) To confirm in the left hand column in the sections which I have left blank, the interest is “none”."
  • 24/09/2018
    On 23 September 2018, Councillor Hill wrote to the Monitoring Officer to advise that as of 19 September 2018 she was now a member of RAGES (Rail Action Group, East of Scotland) and for her declarations record to be amended accordingly.
  • 15/03/2019
    On 15 March 2019, Councillor Hill advised of two changes that needed to be made to her declarations form; Councillor Hill was now a member of South East Northumberland Rail User Group (SENRUG), and no longer a member of the Tweedmouth Feast Crowning and Carnival Committee.
  • 20/05/2019
    On 19 May 2019, Councillor Hill emailed the Monitoring Officer to ask for her interests to be updated to record that she was now a Berwick Harbour Commissioner.

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